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TAM Virtual Assistance is all about service with authenticity. I specialize in supporting businesses and solo entrepreneurs with your administrative, operations, and customer support needs. It is my mission to take care of the minutiae and make sure you're not stressing yourself. Running a business is already hard work as it is. I'm just here to help you smooth things along. Contact me today and we'll figure out how to take you and your business further.


Who's Going To Be Helping You

I am a passionate advocate for customer service with a heart. I am the virtual assistant who wants nothing but to take you further. When you succeed, I succeed.


Customer Service Specialist & Virtual Assistant

With almost ten years worth of experience in Customer Support and a background in Education, I believe that all customers deserve the VIP treatment we all want and that business owners strive for.

My Ideals

Hospitable, friendly, warm and happy. That's what you mostly hear when someone tells you their experience with Filipinos. That isn't just some rumor. Here, I aspire to give my clients the Filipino brand.



To provide quality and affordable services to my clients and assist them in building their own path to success


To be a competent and reliable brand. Always responsive to the needs of clients through providing high quality, consistent and Filipino authentic service.


As you grow your business, hurdles and new milestones must be overcome. I can lend a helping hand.

Whenever, Wherever.


Customer Service

The Support Your Clients Deserve

Making and keeping loyal customers takes a lot of time and effort, and I am are here to help. From taking customer calls to answering online inquiries, following up on appointments and sending the occasional card, I’ll make sure your customers get the love and care you want them to associate with your brand!

Administrative Support

Organized and Efficient

Don't you have something more important to do today? Enter your dedicated and attentive assistant. Me. I will manage your calendar appointments, emails, and many other mundane tasks that come up. You can actually clock out at 5!

Social Media Content & Management

Keeping fresh and in the now

Whos has the time and patience for Ads? They aren't in anymore. But eye-catching posts and witty captions are. From photos, videos, posts and everything else in between, I can get you started. Let's get you those likes and hearts!


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Would you like to ask any questions or book an appointment? Feel free to get in touch today.

Villa de Oro, Sta Rosa Laguna 4023

+63 943 554 4213


+63 943 554 4213

Villa de Oro, Sta Rosa Laguna 4023